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It is blue with a 3" barrel. It was used, so I do not know when it was purchased new. Left side of barrel states Bulldog 44 Spl. It came with a grip which looks like, but is not a Pachmayr. It also came with a basketweave paddle holster with thumb snap.

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Holster is a Bucheimer B3W Looks like this holster was made for this gun, since it is a form fitting, and fits perfectly. Wish I could give you exact purchase date when new, but maybe this can help with your research. If you would like pics let me know. Originally Posted by 32 Magnum. Join Date Aug Posts 9.

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Hi Jim - Just ran across this thread while looking for info on mine. Bulldog Pug on left. I have a Bulldog Pug. It is a very good revolver.

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I would not buy one from the "Charco" period. The bobbed hammer on mine is definitely a home-botched job, but it works ok - one of these days I may replace it, or take it apart and dress it down properly, if I decide to sell it. I like it just fine, but I have a Taurus. Neither is an especially hard-hitter - about like a. The short barrels don't allow much bullet speed. But they are a bit easier to carry. This summer, I bought a Charter arms Off Duty.

I liked it so much, I bough the second demo.

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The new Charters are extremely well designed and well made, far better quality than the very old Bulldog I bought used about 15 years ago. They are very comfortable to shoot-great grip shape and very good rubber grips. I carry one of them every day.

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They are re-designed, and the barrel,shroud and sight are all one piece, very thick and strong. The bore is made by some process they developed that makes it ultra smooth, and I believe that contributes to the accuracy I really recommend the new Charters. They are great little revolvers. Join Date Nov Posts 2. I recently purchased a Charter Arms Dixie Derringer. I'm well aware that there reputation is not that good. I am a small collector of stainless steel revolvers.

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When I read that the Dixie was no longer being made by Charter Arms I grabbed a new one on line from an auction sight. Every gun dealer sight I went to said that they were not in stock. What I am interested in knowing is just about when Charter Arms decided not to make these derringers anymore. From posting it seems the decision was made in either or Does anyone have a more definitive date? Originally Posted by peanbee.

I bought it in the early 90's new in NYC. I still have the original wood grips. Received my Dixie derringer and not impressed. But I expected that and just wanted it for my collection. The finish on them is not that good. The grips are cheap plastic. I fired Fiocchi 22WMR and it jammed the gun after 2 shots. My thought was that the shell was expanding and popping out of the cylinder not allowing the cylinder to revolve. I switched to Winchester 22WMR and had no such problem.

It's not a gun that I would use except on a rare occasion when I felt it was worth taking it to a firing range. In all I was not impressed with Dixie Derringer. But OK with having it as part of my collection which includes 4 other derringers from different manufacturers. Originally Posted by gremlin Originally Posted by Francis. The son of Sam gun. How hard was it for you to get a pistol permit in those days? If the gun is made in bridgeport Connecticut, and uses probably expensive union labor, why is it considered a junk gun?

Join Date May Posts Charter Arms 3" 44 Special Bulldog. No's of High Standards Pathfinder This was the pistol version of the Armalight AR I have a friend with a Ser. The box has the Stratford Conn. The Stratford address tells us - production date?

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His father got this pistol in the 's he believes. Join Date Dec Location 'Merca.

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  • I have a First Gen. I would have no hesitation as a daily carry piece; in fact it was for 15 years.

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    • I remember how horrid the second generation revolvers were. And we didn't blow up, so we got that going for us. SS xx three inch stradford,conn. Mine shot low to the left with win silver tips Join Date Dec Posts 1, They'll normally shoot any decent defense load load. The front sight is regulated for the old slow heavy bullet loads, but you can file down your front sight to raise the point of impact for the hotter light bullet loads. Both mine low center with Silvertips until I filed the front sight down. Dad had a first gen 44 spl for a few years, then for whatever reason sold it, he liked it , never had an issue with it,.

      Barrel marking, SN as my backup and off duty piece. I have recently had to have the hand replaced after all this time. I do shoot it frequently for practice and qualifications. I did replace the slim grips with tracker grips that I fit to my hand.