Last of us remastered matchmaking issues

Remastered on Playstation 4 received praises from all quarter of gaming industry, however multiplayer portion didn't get the same treatment all because of extremely long matchmaking issue.

The Last of Us Gets New Maps But No PS4 Fix For Matchmaking Wait Time

Just few hours ago, Naughty Dog released a brand new patch 1. Quentin stated that this latest update will not full fix the nasty matchmaking issue but will "Hopefully" reduce it, and added that development team are still working on a patch which should bring dramatic change to matchmaking time.

While this is a not a full fix, our update should hopefully reduce matchmaking times. Also, in this live update is a fix to the Flamethrower damage. In another post, Quentin provided some update on The Last of Us: He stated that permanent solution to matchmaking issue is not simple and development team are writing some code right from the scratch to fix it.

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  • Re: The Last of Us - Multiplayer Issues (Can't connect at all)?
  • Two New Maps Coming To The Last of Us Factions Mode!

This is not a simple fix or something that can be fixed through a live update. Trust me ; you'll experience what TC write. The matchmaking isn't severely unfair. It's just the game is full of too many people like the TC who make excuses and blame everyone else.

If EVERY team you are put on is is poor, maybe it's you the one dragging them down, but you are never going to admit that, because you are the best players to ever play the game and it's always your team that drags you down, right? I have my fair share of facepalms n being dominated by the op enemy. TimeOfTheDark The matchmaking isn't severely unfair. I don't sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death.

Yeah how dare you tell the truth! There is no room for that!

TLOU PS4 lag is horrible (please help)

Hmm well I am new to the matchmaking, I understand it's slow paced and I average 6 or more kills every game! So maybe I am bad?!

The Last of US Remastered : Free Maps and Multiplayer Info

But usually when we are losing it's because most of my team run out ahead and just gets killed - they don't have any downed enemies or executions or anything, a lot of the time I am put in with people who AFK all game or quit. More topics from this board Is the Multiplayer Still Worth Purchasing?

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