T-150 matchmaking

Hi, Given that I am newer to this game than even yourself, my opinion might not hold as much weight as others. However, it seems to me that you are picking your tanks based on hearsay and community bias.

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In World of Tanks, each tank has its own distinctive characteristics and play style, if you are finding it difficult to use these particular tanks, then chances are your play style doesn't match the role that they are designed for. You have to match your playstyle to what the tank can do, not expect the tank to break its limits.

I would suggest looking around the forums for discussions about various tanks, not just the rumoured "OP" ones, and if the play-style stated by other tankers matches your own with a particular tank, go for that tank. You will soon find yourself taking out the KV -1's yourself! Just my two cents, Anhuran. KLguns 6 Posted 16 April - But it is not overpowered, no tank is, WG sees to that It is only very skilled players who can do wonders with some tanks, but that doesnt mean that they are overpowered.

Edited by KLguns, 16 April - I'm not use what kind of kv-1 you have played with, seriusly. And the most funny thing: You are saying it have no armor?! The armor is absolutt rediculus specially in tier 5, really nothing can penetrate it only tier 5 tank hunters like stug, tier 5 french TD.

About the tier 2 light tank? They can't penetrate your weakspot in the rear The kv-1 is very powerful tank and I would say it's OP for his tier 5. About the matchmaking, it's a way to balance it like all other tier 5 regular tanks so pls stop complaining. Learn to play with most noob-friendly tank in game atm. Edited by radioactive, 16 April - Tosh8 8 Posted 16 April - It's just too damn good. UzY3L 10 Posted 16 April - Seing a lot of replies, I wanted to clarify something: I'm using the KV-1 and T on a normal, standard account.

And yes, I did face front on Churchils and Black Princes head-on and they beat me easily.

Fix ur horrible matchmaking before u lose more players.

I'm not talking about getting flanked, just me and another tank. What's even better, I was in a battle once with another KV-1 m away from me. We faced each other and started shooting. And then he disapeared! And he wasn't even behind a bush or something! Seems as though I'm the only one with this problem, from what I can read. Tosh8 11 Posted 16 April - I have biggest success with the 85mm F , did u try it? Tonyb 12 Posted 16 April - UzY3L 13 Posted 17 April - And what you guys said is true, the KV-1 and T are very good for their tier but only in their tier. My problem was with the matchmaking but I'll try your tips and see what's what.

Still don't see how I can beat an AT-7 with a T when it detects me but them's the breaks. Thank you very much for your answers, guys! Fjutsha 14 Posted 17 April - I would suggest you look at some tutorials, videos, etc. The problem is definitely not the hardware here: Learn to angle, learn to aim for weak spots of other KVs Use the 85 mm, it is the best for the tank I think.

A few extras if you can afford them also help rammer, GLD, vents. Both tanks really shine when top tier, but are much weaker when bottom T not that much. T is really a great tank and much underestimated.

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You need it elitted, of course, the mm gun makes the tank and the great armour and the decent mobility with top modules. This speaks a lot. Tosh8 16 Posted 17 April - Most of the videos, post etc. They have amazing armour [like a walking wall] but their guns are not much powerful correct me if I'm wrong.

I have played with T and research half of the tech tree. UzY3L 17 Posted 17 April - You guys are right, I need more experience playing with these.

T150 matchmaking

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